Hydrocell green roof built-up

Hydrocell foam.


You can use Hydrocell for:

  • Green roofs – Roof gardens
  • Landscaping
  • Beds and Borders
  • Home and Gardens
  • Tree planting
  • Balconies
  • Light weight soil mixtures
Hydrocell® greening up the city

Hydrocell® - Environmental aspects

Everything we install in our environment has to be checked in accordance with its biodegradability. Hydrocell foam is biodegradable because it degrades by means of hydrolysis within a period of 30 years to nitrogen which in turn functions as a need for plants.

Hydrocell is a unique soil improver with remarkable water holding properties.  Mixed into your soil or potting mix, Hydrocell holds up to 60% of its volume in water. Hydrocell is suitable for all gardening applications including tree planting, garden beds, lawns, potted plants and roof gardens.

Suitable for beds and borders, round-abouts, green roofs, landscaping

Private gardens & lawns
Hydrocell® is suitable for all gardening applications including tree planting, garden beds, lawns, potted plants and green roofs, roof gardens. - - Foaming on the roof

Hydrocell® foaming in -situ

Hydrocell® – foaming in-situ at all sorts of remote locations and where accessibility is not easy.

Interesting for architects, construction engineers and property developers is that it is possible to use this system on light roof structures. A roof garden creates a more pleasant living and working climate. In addition to this, a roof garden prolongs the life span of the roof covering. Hydrocell® is the ideal substrate for every roof garden laid outside or on balconies due to the large capacity to retain moisture.

Development of Hydrocell® green roof, roof garden system

Hydrocell®  is a foamed resin. With a heavy rooting development and without maintenance the life span can reach up to 25-30 years. This is approximately the write off period maintained by property developers for the construction of a green roof, roof garden.

Green roofs

The advantages of



High compressive strength

Empty space percentage amounts to 80% as a result of the open cell structure

The water absorbed will be supplied gradually and completely to the plants which grow with their roots in the hard foam.




Hydrocell®  applied in a layer of 10 cm, has a water absorption capacity

Very durable and solvent-proof even under extreme climate conditions

sedum with solar panels

What clients think of Hydrocell®

“I initially trialled Hydrocell® instead of water crystals because water crystals don’t really work. I added Hydrocell® to my usual potting mix and found the plants were saleable four weeks earlier…and were twice as bushy, in flower, bigger and stronger with better colour”.  (Rex Wilson, Kookaburra Nursery)

“Hydrocell® is lightweight so we could do a rooftop garden as a retrospective design option. Also, because Hydrocell® retains moisture, it meant less irrigation. We are happy we used Hydrocell®”. (Andrew Dalton, Development Manager, Stockwell)

“Our trial has proven that Hydrocell® not only assists in providing moisture to plants, but it also appears to improve plant performance”. (Vin Naidoo, Greening Australia – Brisbane – from the article Greening Australia greens Brisbane with help from Hydrocell®, Landscape Today, Spring/Summer 2005)


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Hydrocell applied Roofgarden in Norway Vertical farming

Green Roofs - Roof gardens

Minimum roof load

Resins Agro B.V.’s roof garden system is on a whole very light in comparison with other systems. Due to this, roofs with a lighter structure may also be considered when planning a roof garden. The newly implemented Hydrocell®  layer with a thickness of 10 cm weights approximately 11 kg/m2. This weight will be approximately 88 kg/cm2 when this layer is completely filled with water (max. 80 vol%).

The soil which is building up the top layer will be mixed with foam flakes so that the specific weight decreases with 35% to 50% with respect to normal soil (depending on the mixture). Mixing soil with foam is not only advantageous for saving weight, the addition of flakes to the soil also results in an ideal air-water management which in turn will stimulate a better rooting development.

The Hydrocell® green roof, roof garden system is ideal as subsoil for moss-sedum, herbs and grass vegetation mats. These mats are a good alternative for e.g. gravel roofs. The great advantage of moss-sedum mats is the immediate visibility of a colourful green carpet after laying.

Green Roofs
Hydrocell - Landscaping

Fyto Flakes for home and gardens, beds and borders, landscaping

The vegetation layer is placed on the Hydrocell® slabs. Certain criteria must be followed to ensure that this layer is not laid to thickly. Normal soil types are not sufficient. Suitable applications are varied, easy, well-ventilated peat substrates, whether or not mixed with water retaining and moisture regulating additions. Spread out the Hydrocell® soil mixture with the spade and fork and press down firmly. Set larger plants by making a hole with the spade in the Hydrocell® slabs. Creepers can be planted directly into the soil.

Your new trees and shrubs will flourish on less water and establish faster when you add Hydrocell® during planting. 



Hydrocell® is suitable for ...

Hydrocell® is suitable for all gardening applications including tree planting, garden beds, lawns, potted plants and green roofs, roof gardens.

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