Hydrocell & Hydrofoam

Hydrocell & Hydrofoam.

Hydrocell & Hydrofoam the water saving substrate. Hydroponic growing, now easier and more successful than ever. By Resins Agro.

What are

Hydrocell & Hydrofoam

Both Hydrocell & Hydrofoam are hardfoam substrates with the special capabilities to hold water and air. With that, create a perfect growing environment for plant root systems.

2 equally good products, each with their own speciality.


The substrate which can be used for growing hydroponicly, 100% on foam. Being either a adult plant that you want to grow without soils, peats or likewise. But also great for propagating cuttings or seeds.

For this last one some of our dealers offer so called cloning-kit’s. Small blocks of Hydrocell in which you can propagate new shoots.


The mixing foam. This is what you put in three holes, planter-boxes , etc. Usually a 30% mixture will give great results, Higher amounts leading to even higher water saving possibilities. (up to 50%)

Hydrocell & Hydrofoam
Hydrocell & Hydrofoam
Hydrocell & Hydrofoam

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