Frequently Asked Questions


Check out this page for the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) of Resins Industry or about our hardfoams. We hope you'll find all the info you need here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find the most Frequently Asked Questions and their corresponding answers.
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  • Where can I find Resins Agro?

    Resins Agro BV is located in The Netherlands in a village in the centre of our country.


    Nijverheidsweg 17A
    6651 KS


  • How long has Resins Agro been using hardfoams?

    Resins Agro is producing hardfoam substrates already for more then 25 years.
    It is used all over the world in all kind of different applications, for professional use as well as consumer applications.

  • How does the substrate foam work?

    The cell structure of the foam can hold 60% water and 40% air, by volume. Meaning that plant roots are able to grow through the foam and therefore being able to directly absorb the moisture and air from soil substrate. Nutrition can be added to the irrigation water which creates a very efficient use of the nutrition as well. No competition with soil particles and therefor also a saving in nutrition. Your local crop adviser can assist you to optimize this feature.

  • If the substrate foam environmental friendly?

    Fytocell substrate foams can work for several years. After usage it can be composted and in that process also offer an added value. Only under composting conditions (high temperature and bacteria) the substrate foam will vanish in time.

  • Used in a roofgarden construction, will it help to insulate the house?

    Yes, a roofgarden creates a layer on top of your current roof, with pockets of air and a layer reflecting sunlight. As a result, it will insulate the house for heat, cold and noise.

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