Plantenwand met Fytocell
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Green walls with Fytocell® .

A vertical green garden can be a challenge to water. A lot of systems cause the water to drain down to the bottom without retaining water for the roots. Above all resulting in dried out plants up top, and drowned, rotting roots on the bottom. Fytocell prevents this issue by retaining the water where it's needed.

The vertical green company - Plantwall with Fytocell®

Beautiful vertical green garden with Fytocell®

The Vertical Green Company is specialised in designing, growing, installing and maintaining soilless vertical green garden. With our goº Green system we can create impressive green structures with Fytocell. Also in locations where previously this was thought impossible. We’ve created some beautiful indoor gardens. On the other hand. Also outdoor gardens are very common. In addition, we’ve noticed that in the last few years it’s become popular to have a small herb-garden in your kitchen! By using our modular vertical garden system this can be easily done.

Fytocell ®- Plantwall - The vertical green company

Fytocell® - Plantwall - The vertical green company

Fytocell® Foam Flakes include specially developed potting soils and growth substrates for private gardens and the professional landscape sector. The strength of the products is the measured composition of the potting soils and the spongy foam flakes.


Firstly the low weight and water absorbing abilities are the most important characteristics. Secondly our Fytocell foam flake products improve the soil structure. Especially causing faster root development, more beautiful crops and less damage in dry circumstances.

In conclusion improving your plant growth is easy with Fytocell. In particular hydroponic growing, on our inert hardfoam, produces perfect root systems.

More examples of vertical garden projects:

Which products are suitable for vertical growing?

The perfect water retaining substrate for your vertical green garden system is Fytocell. Clearly you can create a hydroponic system on 100% flakes. But also mixed in potting soil with more than 40% flakes.

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