Tree planting with Hydrocell on a golfcourse
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Tree planting with Hydrocell® and Fytomix® .

Your new trees and shrubs will flourish on less water and establish faster when you add Hydrocell® during planting. 

Hydrocell® - Palm Tree planting - Bomenstarter

Hydrocell® in plantholes

Lack of oxygen in the root zone has a direct influence on root development. Besides the uptake of nutrients and water. Because of the open cell structure, Hydrocell flakes help ensure that there’s always a good oxygen content throughout the pot. Also if the substrate becomes saturated.

Resulting in more feeder roots, improved water- and nutrient uptake. Consequently more vigorous plants.

Hydrocell®, when used in flake form as an additive in potting soils and composts, produces an ideal growing environment for roots. The result is stronger, more vigorous plants which can, potentially, be brought to market earlier.

That’s why we advise tree planting with Hydrocell.


Hydrocell® helps:

Encourages healthy root development and plant quality.

Ensures oxygen is readily available throughout the root zone.

Improves the re-wetting abilities of the growing media.

Helps retain nutrients by reducing the effect of leaching.

Helps to retain water saving on costs and labour. In short effectively reducing volume of watering required.


Reduces volume of peat used.

Improves air/water ratio in potting soils.

Improves Root Development and Plant Vigour.


Which products do we advise as Tree starter?

To give the trees a good start and base to grow from we advise our Hydrocell or Fytomix.

If you seek more information about our substrates, please contact us directly through our contact page.

Tree planting with Hydrocell and Fytomix

Saving water at a time and stimulate root growth, improved availability of nutrients

Please download our Tree planting “guide”  Hydrocell® and Fytomix®

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