Fytofoam for Golf courses, Green Tees Fairways
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Fytofoam® - twice the green half the water..

A unique soil improver with remarkable water holding properties. Used in sport pitches and golf courses, turf and amenity, landscaping, gardening and turf- and sod nurseries.

Fytofoam® - roots throughout the root-zone

Fytofoam® - finer and faster rooting.

Fytofoam®’s great water-holding ability and air permeability ensure a gradual release of the nutrients and the water absorbed. These factors have an extremely positive effect on germination and also encourage faster and finer rooting. As well as creating a splendid and even growth, this improves the self-restoring capability of the turf. In other words, golfcourses with Fytofoam will have finer and better results and reduced water and electricity costs.

Fytofoam® can be applied, either by incorporating it into root zones during construction. Thus achieving the ideal growing environment for quality turf grasses, or during resurfacing or routine maintenance.

Introduced into the root zone of grassed areas, the open cell structure readily absorbs water and nutrients. Namely retaining them so that the grass can access them when required. Also our foam retains at least 37% air, which is vital for good grass growth.

Fytofoam® Layer Application

Layer-application of Fytofoam®.

The construction method comprises the application of a 3-5 cm layer of foam from a portable foam-mixing machine. Afterward, once the material has set the foam can be easily worked into the upper root-zone top layer. Of course with the use of a rotavator.

Our benefits:

  • Fytofoam® always retains air space within it’s foam structure. In conclusion, preventing water logging and rotting of plant roots. Also this air space reduces soil compaction in the root zone.
  • Fytofoam® is a perfect solution to hard-to-wet soils. When water comes into contact with Fytofoam®, it’s absorbed instantly and then slowly releases to the soil. Thus reducing run-off loss.
  • As Fytofoam® greatly improves the water-holding ability of the soil. Consequently you’ll use up to 50% less water. Also depending on conditions and plant species growth will be healthier.
  • Nutrients are absorbed into the open cell structure of Fytofoam® and are gradually released, rather than washing away. Therefore up to 25% less fertiliser is needed.


Golfcourses with Fytofoam substrates

  • Spain
    • Mosa Trajectum
    • La Envia Golf
    • Murphy
    • La Dame de Noche Golf
  • Portugal
    • Castro Marim Golf
    • various trials
  • Greece
    • Glyfada
  • Middle East
    • Yas Golfcourse
    • AbuDhabi
  • Australia
    • Riverlands Golfcourse
    • Castle Hill Golfcourse
  • Germany
    • Escherried
    • Buttelborn
    • Lechbrug
    • Steig
    • Bad Bentheim
    • Oberhausen
    • Frankfurt
  • United Kingdom
    • Berkshire College
    • Various Greens and Tees
  • Norway
    • Ballerud
    • Asker
    • Grini
    • Sarini
    • Geilo

Golf course constructions with Fytofoam®

Fytofoam® is used very often to improve the water/air – ratio on golfcourses. The benefits are huge, not only in quality improvement of the courses. But there will be a substantial water-saving achieved in the maintenance cycles. Significantly reducing water usage of up to 25 to 50%.


Fytofoam® can be applied on soccer pitches and golf courses in two ways. Firstyly by incorporating it into root zones during construction thereby achieving the ideal growing environment for quality turf grasses. Secondly during resurfacing or routine maintenance

Field and layer application:

The construction method comprises the application of a 2,5 – 3 cm layer of foam from a portable mixing machine. Or by spreading the Fytofoam® flakes over the field, and incorporated directly.
First the foam can be easily worked into the upper root-zone top layer with the use of a rototiller. Then the grasses can be laid or sown. 

Fytofoam® product information

Fytofoam readily absorbs water and nutrients into the root zone of grassed areas because of the open cell structure.
For this purpose we often supply golfcourses with Fytofoam. To demonstrate why we’ve got a case study on the Murcia golf course in Spain.

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