Fytofoam water saving test
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Fytofoam® research carried out by STRI - UK.

Fytofoam® used for sport - and golf applications

Fytofoam test by STRI - Alterra

Water saving with Fytofoam®

Saving water

water savings institution documented trial studies in Europe, USA and Australia have determined that the use of Fytofoam® in sports- and golf fields can reduce irrigation water consumption by up to 50%. Especially here, water drainage is critical.

Note: In general in could be mentioned that on top of these water savings an energy saving of $1 of water saved equates to $3 energy and maintenance saving.

Fytofoam® water savings research carried out by STRI - UK - Murcia Spain by Alterra Wageningen

Fytofoam® research carried out

Energy savings

Equally important, we can save energy in two different fields:

1) The foaming itself is a non-thermal process, so no energy is wasted in the product itself. Huge savings in transport costs (less fuel), less traffic movements and minimal environmental pollution!

2) After applying the product the watering cycles will be reduced substantially. Watering done by electrical pumps or watering trucks can be reduced by 30 to 50% which creates a saving on power and fuel. Consequently also labour costs will be reduced. Depending on local cost structures the savings are in all cases substantial


Visit our case study on a water saving project in the Middle East through the button below.

Water Saving in the Middle East
Fytofoam root growth - turf growing - water savings

Fytofoam® development of roots of turf

Introduced into the root zone of grassed areas, the open cell structure readily absorbs water and nutrients, retaining them so that the grass can access them when required. It also retains at least 37% air – vital for good grass growth.

The fast recovery of turf together with healthier plant and root development provides increased wear performance.

You can retain more water, with Fytofoam in the turf. But also improve root growth and maintain a vital air-ratio in the soil. The healthy roots will ensure fast recovery of heavy-wear areas like golf tee’s and greens.

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