Fytofoam - Flake application - Water saving testing
Case Study

Water saving project - Middle East.

Fytofoam®, the water saving substrate used on this project.

Fytofoam Flakes application

What have we done?

Fytofoam® flake application – Water saving testing

  • removal of grass in turf sod sections
  • spreading and mixing of Fytofoam® flakes
  • relaying of turf sods
  • rolling of turf to compact and level the lawn
  • installation completed and irrigation system activated
Fytofoam - Flake application - Water saving testing - roots

Fytofoam® - flake application - Water saving testing - roots

The addition, Fytofoam® improves the sod’s ability to hold water whilst also improving drainage – reducing both time spent in watering and the volume of water used. In addition to improving the growing environment, Fytofoam® effectively reduces costs.

The water-holding properties also ensure that plants do not become too dry.

Fytofoam root growth - turf growing - water savings

Fytofoam® - fantastic roots

There are two contributing factors to this water saving, the water and air holding capacity of Fytofoam® and the boost in root development brought about by the continuous availability of moisture in the soil substrate as a direct result of the addition of the Fytofoam®.

In test area without the Fytofoam® incorporated the lack of moisture availability due to porosity of the sand is a large contributing factor to the slow recovery of the grass, however this is standard.

The second phase of the trial taking the water saving to 54% is more than expected by the supplier with no visual effects on the grass growth. The team testing the product have been impressed by the quality of turf maintained even with the water reduction and feel this is a good product for water saving.

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