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About Us.

For almost 40 years, the Aquaresins Technologies Group has been developing, producing and applying their foam-based water saving products world wide. A small, dedicated, family owned company that supplies and supports a global dealer network with water saving products and solutions. The company is based in The Netherlands; a country that is world renowned for its agriculture and horticulture sectors.

Resin Factory

Our Factory in The Netherlands

Our group produces all the necessary “ingredients” for our hardfoam products in-house. In fact, we can produce and supply unlimited amounts because we are not dependent on raw materials such as peat and coconut. The global push to minimise the use of peat in the future can be compensated by the products from Resins Agro.

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Water saving substrate foam - Water saving foam products

Our Products

For agricultural and landscaping usage, the unique cell structure of our foam allows for a water/air retention ratio of 60/40; promoting healthier plant root growth. Furthermore, the foam is inert and biodegradable(10-15 years) making it safe to use in food crop growing.


Worldwide tests have shown that in greenhouse growing, an increased yield of up to 30% is achievable when using 100% Fytocell foam flakes.
Water saving of up to 50% can also be achieved in landscaping and sports field applications when mixing up to a 30% volume of Fytofoam flakes with soil.

Landscaping & Sports

From use in landscaping and sports fields, we’ve discovered that mixing the foam into the soil to a depth of 300mm encourages deeper root development and denser growth above ground. This is due to the increased moisture captured and retained by the foam. Previously this water would have leached through the soil and gone to waste. Another added benefit of more air being trapped within the soil substrate is the prevention of excessive soil compaction, as the foam cannot be fully compressed.

Water saving foam products - Green roof

Green in Difficult Places

By using our water saving foam products you will be able to create lush, green, plant structures in unexpected places. From extremely harsh environments such as deserts, to wet city rooftops and walls; our foams support the sound development of plants and trees in all sorts of challenging environments.

Fytocell flakes - root growth - Water saving foam products

Rooting in a Foam Substrate

As you can see from this image; plants feel very comfortable inside our Fytocell substrate. 

Once grown within our foam or flake mixture, roots have direct access to precise amounts of water and nutrition(when added). The root system will develop in an extremely fine and intense manner. This creates optimal growing conditions for the plant.

More information about our products can be found on our downloads page.

Fytofoam Water saving foam products

Foaming on Site

This image shows a field that has been partial foamed. The massive improvement in grass development is obvious to see here.

The American news excerpt below shows the foaming process direct on site.

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