Specialist in high-quality resin products

Products that increase the pore volume, the moisture capacity, the air content, fresh and dry weight and the appreciation for root quality.

Why Resins Agro?

Resins Agro produces a high-quality substrate for the "green sector" with a wide range of applications.
Under the names Fytocell and Hydroflakes a lightweight substrate is made that is used in professional agriculture and (greenhouse) horticulture, vertical gardens and roof gardens, in golf courses and gardens and municipal green areas.

What would you use our product for?

The product Fytocell is an environmentally friendly substrate that can be used both as 100% hydroponics and in all kinds of mixed forms with soil or other substrates.
In all cases, the water-air management of the mixture is greatly improved and plants are much more resistant to drying out during warm periods, but also more resistant to the cold in the winter.
We also supply Fytocell to consumers. You can find more information about this in our green webshop www.plantenwand.eu

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